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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey...Action not words...

An Idea is Born

We in Africa Community Youth Empowerment saw the hardship around us,our communities,our surroundings,our nations and the Africa Continent..
So we came up with an idea to Empower youths,women ,retirees,
business men with the interest to start up an industry or anyone with the interest to be Self-Empowered through our Transfer of Technology Workshop forum..Industrial Technology!!!
We believe that if you Empower one youth you've Empowered many cause once you Empower one youth he goes back to his community to start up his factory  with a minimum of five to ten people.who now have gained Employment/Empowerment in so doing once we Empower one youth we have Empowered many.
 Africa is the future and the youths of Africa are the future. with that in mind we all need to support the Movement ''Africa Community Youth Empowerment'' so as to reach out to every youth across our 
continent Africa...
      *School Empowers*
This idea is to Empower our youths in universities by training them on different technologies through theory and practical class session during their final year as a way to prepare them for the reality and to also give them additional knowledge/tools away from their read course and qualification, the idea is to make Empowerment Technology part of the school’s curriculum for every final year student across the Nation. join the movement and support the vision.   
       *Empowerment Workshop*
We also offer workshop training 
classes on all technology theory and
practical for three days a week for two weeks on how to produce,source chemicals locally,mixing of colors,profit making and long lasting preservation. 
If you want to invite us or calls us for an Empowerment workshop you can contact us or leave us a message/email.
do visit our....
 YouTube,Facebook page,Instagram.

     *Entertainment Empowerment* 

Our second Empowerment angle is the entertainment workshop on music,music production,music mixing/mastering,filming,acting,
We try to give every youths with talent such as this an opportunity to become better by giving them the platform to showcase their talent.
We create events for music and comedy showcase for our artist under the organization and shoot films/movies using our upcoming actor in our organization to Empower them in their filed and giving  them the push needed through  our Tingalin Comedy ENT. Check our Entertainment Box for video,films,

     *Catering Empowerment*

We also train and have workshop on how to bake cake,bread,samosa,
spring roll and local and intercontinental dishes with professional touch for those that want to go into catering.

Our First Empowerment

Looking back from where we started with just a simple idea we have Empowered thousands with the joy of inspiring and motivating African Youths to not give up rather look towards the Future  with great Empowering skills to impact their communities and the world around them. 
Indeed we have become a formidable force to reckon with.

                                            *INTRODUCTION SPEECH*  

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*Products For Transfer Of Technology* 

Paint Production

Perfume Production

Hair Gel Production

Dettol Production

Liquid Detergent Production

Air Freshener 

We believe that African youth needs real physical empowerment,technical empowerment and not speeches and seminars on empowerment without lay down tools...

Michael O Arebamen - CEO, ACYE...

Michael O Arebamen

Chief Executive Officer/DG/Technologist 

My Vision is to make a lasting Impact in my Surroundings,Communities my Nation the Continent and the World at large.
To put hope in the life of every youth i encounter and come across in the filed,to Inspire and Motivate the Youths of my Generation. 

Our Team

Masters on Empowerment

Olukpe Oluyemi

Resource Personnel  

Amy Echebiri 

HR Coordinator 

Daniel S Arebamen

Production Coordinator 

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Plot12 Flat2 Golden
Spring Estate,Befor Sunny ville Estate,Galademawa




Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am- 1pm
Sun: Closed



  *Spoken Words*
Listen to Inspiring and Motivating Speeches..
     Michael O Arebamen

Empowerment Workshop Living Faith Church, Abuja

Empowering The Nigerian Military. 195 BATTALION AGANIGBODE,Edo State

We the African Youth need to stop seeing ourselves 

as rivals and competitors and begin to work as one Wholesome cause i alone cant change Africa but We Can...


Michael O Arebamen-CEO, ACYE

Empowerment Workshop with the Ex Deputy Governor...
Mrs, Paulin Tallen...
Plateau State. Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

Empowerment Bleesings With Mrs, 
Tina Bawa-Shitgurum. Sheraton Hotel, Abuja 

Empowerment Workshop Training Abuja

Conference... Sheraton Hotel,Abuja 

   *Entertainment Box*
Tingalin Comedy....
wacth upcoming music video,movies,comedy clips. etc

Comedy Laugh Out...
[email protected]